- Ph.D in Media Arts & Sciences, MIT Media Lab, USA
- M.S. in Media Arts & Sciences, MIT Media Lab, USA
- B.S. in Computer Science, University of Notre Dame, USA
- B.A in Psychology, University of Notre Dame, USA
(minor in Peace Studies)

Work Experience

- Researcher at MIT Media Lab's Personal Robots Group, USA
- AI Research Fellow at United Nations Global Pulse, USA

Academic Background

I am currently a PhD candidate in the MIT Media Lab’s Personal Robots Group in the US, advised by Prof. Cynthia Breazeal. Prior to joining MIT Media Lab, I worked as a researcher in the Complex Network Lab advised by Prof. Tijana Milenkovic (2013-2015) and the Emotive Computing Lab advised by Prof. Sidney D’Mello (2015-2016) at the University of Notre Dame in the US. In Summer 2019, I worked as an AI research fellow at the UN Secretary-General’s Global Pulse Initiative on AI for development, humanitarian action, and peace.

Intellectual Pursuit

With the pursuit of intellectual unity, I am interested in taking cross-disciplinary approaches to seek answers to fundamental questions on human experience and extending the boundaries of human capacity. My creative interests range from multimedia art installations (e.g., NostalgiaBot) to VR for reducing prejudice (e.g., TransFormation), from poetry of science (e.g., To Be Understood) to photography work (e.g., solo traveling in East Africa).

My intellectual pursuit is concerned with problem framing, as it is with problem solving, motivated by an ultimate vision to understand ourselves, our human values, our human experience.