The Poetry of Science: To be Understood



The Poetry of Science aims to increase the representation of Black, Indigenous, Latinx, Asian & Pacific Islander, and People of Color’s experiences in the fields of poetry, photography, and the sciences.

I am deeply intrigued by the vision and cross-disciplinary approach of the Poetry of Science to advance racial justice. This project sheds light on the process of science research through a storytelling lens via the artistic medium of poetry. To me, this project challenges the public’s habitual understanding of science as purely objective and neutral facts and knowledge; it redirects their attention toward the process of scientific production through presenting the personal journeys of knowledge producers behind the scenes, i.e., scientists. By doing so, it opens up a series of social questions that engage the public to think about the hidden connection between science and racial justice. As argued by the French philosopher Foucault, power is constituted through accepted forms of knowledge and scientific understanding. The process of scientific production needs to be democratized, and I hope to contribute to this cause.

I collaborated with a poet to co-design this poetic art piece: “To be Understood”.